Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bethel's Writer's Offering Prayer

To my writer friends, this is for you. I was at Bethel's Writer's Conference this last week and we prayed this prayer aloud to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Take this prayer with you and pray for God's blessings over your writing.

Lord, as we offer our writing gift to You, we are believing You for:

Ideas and better ideas
Royalties and remuneration
Sales and best selling lists
Favor with publishers and agents
Awesome style and organization
Originality in metaphor creation
Clarity in communication
Grammar, usage and punctuation
Brilliance in word choice
Grace to finish
Writer's block dispelled
Procrastination diminished

Thank You, Lord, for being the Author and the Finisher of my writing
projects so I may tell of Your greatness and publish with the voice of thanksgiving that all may know You are good!