Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Israel Day 7 – Beauty need only be a Whisper

The last night on-the-town is an event in Old Jerusalem near the Wailing Wall. Sixty years ago, Israel was established. The state of Israel is the headquarter for all Jews to come and be safe – to show that Jewish blood is not cheap anymore.

We sit and applaud as the 60th Anniversary celebration starts. Benny Hinn speaks and brings our spirits high, more in awe with Israel. Rueben Morgan leads us into a night of amazing worship for our well loved Father. After falling madly in love with Jesus all over again, the event ends too soon.


In my hotel room, I sleep, smiling and free from worries of my mind, knowing that I met many wonderful on-fire lovers of God. His people are strong and we are growing everyday. And that is the beauty of it all; God whispers to us by bringing His children together.

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