Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Middle Watch

Watching him speak, seeing God’s Light shining through him, creates this disturbance in my heart that engulfs me like it does in the sight of phenomenal people. There is a poem I learned written by a Korean poet in the 16th Century called, “Middle Watch”. It eloquently reflects how I wish the day would last more than 24 hours every time he is by my side.

I will cut out the Middle Watch
of this long midwinter night
and store it away.
when my lover returns
I will take it out and roll it
inch by inch
to lengthen that day.

Middle Watch is between midnight and 8a.m –the time when your community is asleep, when the world seems to stop, when the beauty of your life is hidden away between the hours, the minutes, the seconds.

On the streets, I watched him talk as the sun slowly sets trying to shine with every ounce of its light before forcing us to part for the night.

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