Friday, January 9, 2009

The One Jealousy That Isn’t a Sin.

When I think about how Shawn Bolz gets all these radical experiences with God, I get jealous. Or how a fourteen-year-old gets imagines downloaded to her by God, I get jealous. Or how Jason Westerfield can see the spiritual realm like Neo can see the Matrix, I get jealous.

What makes these people so special that they receive the gifts God want for them? Why can I not have that? Why can I not download God messages as easily as logging on to my computer? It makes me jealous that I only sense God 75% of the time. I want 100% of God!

After researching about these people, I found that Shawn spends a lot of time talking to God and having faith that God will show up. The little girl started talking to God at the age of five and has this close relationship with God. Jason! Jason has only been a Christian for 9 years and he is faced down on the floor praying to God every night for hours!

It is all about spending time with God, soaking in His presence, talking to Him and telling Him about your fears and weaknesses; telling Him about your dreams and hopes. God is faithful to give your heart’s desires. He is ready to give us everything He wants for us, we just need to spend time with Him and build a relationship where we can hear and recognize His voice.

Yes, I am jealous of Shawn and Jason’s relationship with God. This jealousy makes me hungry for more of Him. And wanting more of God is never a sin.

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