Friday, June 8, 2012

Focus, Focus, Focus

Today, I am writing about how to stay focused on your goals. When you come up with a great idea, the excitement is there and you want to get everything done in an instant. Life does not work that way, and time does not fall from the sky. If you are anything like me, I lose momentum and get discourage when I do not see progress as fast as I expected. Then my habitual resolute surrender; it is so much easier to sit back and watch a mindless movie or TV show. Not anymore! Besides God's love for you, His greatest gift is the time you have on earth. Take your passion, your idea and do something with it.

I have found 5 steps to stay focused:

1.     Schedule work time in your calendar  – my phone pings me when it’s time to create.
2.     Keep your thoughts positive. Every time negativity creeps up, switch that script to something good and productive. For example, if your subconscious tells you that you are uncreative, switch that script to “I am very creative and talented.”
3.     Make a list of topics to write. This way, you won’t have to waste time and energy later.
4.     Remember when Paul wrote, "Pray without ceasing"? Well, write without ceasing. Never edit as you write, this causes you to slow down, get sidetracked and lose the creativity. Edit at the end.
5.     Be the faucet and let God be the Water. In other words, show up and allow yourself to be used by God so the ideas can flow through.

Discipline yourself, follow the steps and make it happen. 

28 Days makes a habit. Try the steps and let me know how it goes.

Written by Linh Dang {Photographer, Artist, Writer}
Founder of FreedomCollage

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