Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daughters of God

Our job as His daughters is to offer a calm, sincere drink of an enriched heart, a tranquil confidence and an ability to gently influence those around us –to pass on our very best.

This however isn’t always the case. We are also humans. We have flaws and we tend to compare ourselves to the next beautiful Christian woman who catches our crush’s eyes. Yes, the green-eye-devil lurks in the mist and causes us to stumble, to fall, to envy.

We must understand that the bedrock methodology for spiritual warfare is to confess our sins. Unconfessed sins give the enemy legal ground in our lives. Of course, the enemy can’t physically hurt us because we are children of God, but he can still get to us through jealousy. The spirit of jealousy is very powerful. It can harm us because we are making an agreement with the enemy whether it was intentional or not.

When we are jealous of an innocent person or when a person is jealous of us, even when we are walking in righteousness and authority, the devil can still flow through us (or the individual) to bring harm. When we are jealous of someone, we are agreeing that that individual does not deserve the blessings God has for her. We become the channel through which the enemy can pump deadly force into the individual’s life.

The best way to not be jealous is to find our identity in Christ. One secret that a friend of mine told me is to “believe that you are God’s favorite. Don’t look at anyone else. Just look at God and know that you are His favorite daughter.” This will keep you from comparing yourself with others. Knowing God’s love is more than enough to sustain your security in who you are. If someone is jealous of you, protect yourself by praying to God; renounce, reject and command the spirit to jealousy to leave you permanently. Then cover yourself with the Blood of the Lamb. And Thank God for all His blessings and protection.

One last thing, don't forget to meditate on what's good and righteous. Remember, you are a princess of God, so act like one.

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