Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Israel Day 1 – Kissed by God

There may be no place more heavily blessed with tales than Israel. The Bible stories and places are inextricable that traveling through Jerusalem by foot, taxi or bus as we weaved through road between terraced hills, left us as if in a dazed walk into the Bible as we explore the Holy city. This city of buried history comes alive in yellowish-pink stone along with the overwhelming peace of God and the deep sense that He is risen. To travel is to cross time as well as space. This trip is to enter the Bible stories, traverse time and land on a page that will mark a moment in history for transformation.

Standing on top of the Mount of Olives, I drink in the beautiful scenery, the excitement and the Bible in 3-dimension. Almost 1,800 Christians gather at the tip, over looking the old city of Jerusalem – worshipping God. There are over 33 Nations gathered by GodTV to bless this Holy Land.

My journey starts here in the land of my Father. I will make the laborious climbs and search between every corner to find an understanding suddenly spread out before me, as if kissed by God. My God is an awesome God!

~ 3.4 shekels to every dollar
~ 7.3 million people in Israel, half of the population in New York City
~ A Sabbath day journey is equivalent to ¾ of a mile
~ A ride on a camel will cost two dollars to get on and five dollars of get off
~ Jerusalem must be built out of stone. They use limestone from the Mount of Judea

The view of Old Jerusalem from the Mountain of Olives. The gold dome is the Muslum temple on the other side of the East Wall.

1,800 Christians gathering for worship.

The $7 camel ride. (really, it's only $2)

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