Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Israel Day 2 – Clumsy meets Charmed

Some visit Israel to tour the history, to tantalize their intellect, but I find that the true appeal lies in its pure beauty – God’s beauty. Our souls long to revel in all things beautiful, historical and provocative. Jerusalem is an environment of faith, a magical moment of suspended belief. Here, we find an opportunity to apply it, to make a difference.

Walking the Via Dolorosa is a reminder of God’s beauty. His heart is so full of love for us that He willingly took the cross to carry our burdens, our sin, our hatred so that we may live. As I walk through every checkpoint, I cannot help but realize that every breath I take is a stolen breath, every day is a stolen day, every taste.... then at the end where we see the place He was crucified, I am reminded that Jesus died on the cross because He wanted to. He gave up His life because He wanted to. He bought me with His blood because His love is so deep and so wide that He was willing to be humiliated, stripped of His flesh, endured the excruciating pain as they nailed Him on the cross, bled and hung for dead so that I, Miss Clumsy, may be made Charmed.
The exact spot where the soldiers during Jesus' time gambled for His belongings.

I took my shoes off to touch the ground Jesus once walked.

The stone was where they prepared Jesus for the crucifixcion.

The rock in the glass case is told to be where the Cross stood.

The candles were burnt around the tomb where they said Jesus was buried.

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