Monday, April 13, 2009

Dream on

Last night, I dreamt of a world colored in grayish brown. There were no other colors, no life. Everyone seemed content with mediocrity. Their situation, relations among each other had no subsistence. The sky was tinted tan and the walls, people, clothes, cars, buildings- all bland.

There was a gathering of the minds and spirits- the one event that matters. People congregated to study and discuss theology. A girl in the driver seat escorted a new comer to the gathering. She felt nothing throughout the whole drive. Her life was just there, nothing to look forward to. Life equals the transitory of time. The new comer, whom she was with, never said a word. She parked her car and they both walked into a room full of lethargic people- all prepared for the pretentious intellectual debate. Everyone had his or her pristine fa├žade on- everyone, but you.

You walked in. Your face is different- more serious, full of gloom. You stopped to look at the girl. The girl looked at you. She looked away trying to hold back the tears, the urge to hold you, to tell you that she is sorry.

I woke up with tears in my eyes and heaviness on my heart.

As the sun will always set, Jesus will heal all wounds. It was just a dream. I am happy again.

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