Monday, November 16, 2009

Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future

We have to guard what we think, do, believe. If we see someone win a lottery, we have to bless them instead of saying, "oh, that would never happen to me". If we bless them, and praise God, telling God that we trust Him to bless us like that, we allow the spiritual realm to open up. If we want what the other person has, we need to bless them. If we are jealous of them, it blocks the natural love in the spiritual realm, which blocks the flow of blessings towards us.

I was listening to Dr. Mark Chironna and he said that there are seven internal favor blockers. They are old habits that hold you back because they are tied to old beliefs.

1. A major favor blocker is saying that it's too late or it'll never happen to me - you're blocking God's favor.

2. You don't believe you have what it takes. “I am not capable or talented enough”.

3. You believe you are unproductive based on your history, so you predict your future to unproductive as well. If God says it'll happen, you have to believe you will help Him make it happen.

4.You believe it's too good to be true. The truth is: if it's too good to be true, it has to be God!

5. You believe your prayers don't make a difference. If you pray and your posture is "I don't know if this is going to happen", you are not releasing and commanding for it to happen. You don't speak with a command. God is looking for people to command His visions to happen. If you don't believe your prayers will make a difference, why should God even answer them? When you come to God, do you come as a pauper or a prince? When you go to God, do you go as a beggar or a son of God? Your identity will change the way you speak and they way you ask God to make certain things happen. It changes how you act, how you think. If you come as a beggar, you'll only get a small amount. If you come as a son, God will hear you always. We are His family, His children.

6. You feel ashamed of where you are and where you have been because you feel like you failed. You feel like "what do I have to offer"? Shame will kill your opportunities faster than any other infirmity. But God is our Father and that means He still has blessings to give us.

7. You feel like what you want to happen is impossible. Remember that no Word of God is impossible.

God will deliver us from these favor blockers by unlearning what we have always known. Angels want to give us messages from God. We need to learn how to hear them. If we can hear the enemy telling us stuff, why can't we focus on hearing from the angels? We need to unlearn the negative thoughts and learn God thoughts. There are Angels of hope, joy, rejoicing, happy Angels, peace Angels, Angels of faith. They want to minister to our spirits. They give us plans for a future and a hope. When you think you are daydreaming, you could be future-dreaming and the Angels are giving you dreams that God wants for you! I am believing for God to break all of these favor blockers and allow great flowing of blessings and favor in your life! Amen!

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