Friday, September 11, 2015

An Artist learning from Mark Randolph - Netflix.

Last night as a guest of my boyfriend, we sat among Columbia alumni listening to the co-founder of Netflix share how it all started. Mark Randolph was impressive –not because he is a millionaire, not because he is a genius for the Netflix concept; but because he was wise. The one comment he made that stuck with me and probably with 90% of the audience was, “As you get older, you learn to recognize what you are good at, what other people are good at.”

For years, maybe even decades, I struggled with my desire to paint something amazing –something shocking to grip a person’s attention. I loved painting nudes because it came easily to me, AND because it shocked my Christian community. As I grew older, as an artist –with an artist’s eye – I still find a woman’s body beautiful.  (And no, I’m not a lesbian.  And no, I am not “really a lesbian and didn’t know it”.)   As Mr. Randolph wisely stated, you learn to recognize things. I have learned to surrender the whole notion of creating for the sake of an intellectual theory, or to make a bold statement. I have learned to recognize that I create because it makes me feel good. It brings joy to me and to the people I reach. I learned that the act of self-expression in its truest form can change the world.

My dream is to help change each and every individual who think they cannot create, who are depressed, who feel alone, and who need a community where they can be brave enough to explore the unknown with profound expression. With this kind of heartfelt bravery to be vulnerable, a new and better world may be born and lives will be transformed.  

My goal is to create a tiny art studio that I can haul from one neighborhood/school/organization to the next. My tiny art studio will help build confidence to the weak, reduce stress/depression, and increase happiness by offering art lessons that focus on building a brighter and stronger future while spreading beauty and courage in the community.

Anything is possible once you are brave enough to disrupt the negativity of this world. With that, expect an Indiegogo campaign soon. In the meantime, any designers out there who would like to help me with the look and feel of my tiny art studio?

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