Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lucky Ones

Pattaya - May 20, 2010

Last night, after we heard news about Bangkok burning, the government placed an 8 o'clock curfew. This is a good thing because it shows that the government is protecting us. They are saying they will not let it get out of hand.

We also believed it was a blessing. God heard our prayer to shutdown the sex trade and God used the government to make this happen. Last night was the first time Walking Street was totally shutdown! Total darkness. Walking Street is the number red light district for Pattaya.

An organization from Cambodia shared during our meeting this morning. I thought I have seen and heard all the evil there was to know, but I was wrong. Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO) was founded by a Cambodian refugee, Chomno. He rescues children from the ages of 8 through 10 and placed them in a community he started called "Safe Haven". The kids in Cambodia, the same ages as my niece and nephew, are rescued from being drugged each day. They were drugged by the traffickers so the children can endure sitting in the heat begging for money. They were drugged to endure their limbs being chopped off so they will get more money when they beg. They were drugged each day so they can tolerate the rapes by foreigners. They were drugged so they can work 12 hours hard labor on the farm. The ones who met Chomno are the lucky ones, because CHO provides vocational training such as sewing, fish farming, motorcycle repair, computer skills and English. The rest are not so lucky. They are still out there-drugged, raped and abused.

Chomno asked for us to pray concerning a rich and extremely powerful soldier who contracted AIDS. He went to a witch doctor, and the witch doctor told him that he will be cured of AIDS if he slept with 500 virgins. He has raped 100 girls already and is looking for 400 more victims. Pray for this man to be stopped. Only God knows how. We need a miracle.

We heard about the Buddist temples disappearing. It turns out that when the people go to the temple for prayer or for purification, the Buddist monks were raping the young girls, so the villagers stopped going to the monks and started going to the churches for help. Cambodia is a totally different world from America.

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