Friday, May 21, 2010

Every New Thing

Pattaya - May 21, 2010

I woke up feeling new. Last night, we had a sleep over/slumber party with the prostitutes. We went to gather the ladies at their bars, paid the bar owners 300B to take each lady out of the bars. Once out of the bar, you negotiate with the girls as to how much you will pay for their time and serve. Fortunately, TAMAR, a ministry that works with prostitutes explained to the girls that we wanted to celebrate them and offer a fun night - no sex required. I can honestly say I have slept next to a prostitute.

We had dinner with the ladies, played games, sang karaoke, swapped stories. At the end of the night, they asked for prayer and for healing. I prayed for a woman who had a lump on her back. I felt she had unforgiveness and she repented of that. I then prayed over her and literally, I mean literally saw her lump shrink. It was not 100% gone, but it shrank about 50%. It was no illusion because my friend stood there and watched the lump. She was jumping up and down when she saw it shrink too. Then another girl came over to touch the lump. She said that it was hard in the beginning and now the lump was soft.

Yes, I woke up a new person. Every new thing you do become a part of you. As Christians, we have wealth of supernatural resources, and this wealth itself is intoxicating. We kept wanting to pray for every sick person so we could experience the sensation of having the Holy Spirit move through us.

God is so cool. And following Him is so much fun when you are living the life you were made for.

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Graham Moody said...

This is a remarkable story!