Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cent One

Pattaya - May 19, 2010

There is so much to do, yet so little help. Our only way to get much done was to start our day interceding for Pattaya. We blessed this nation and prayed for God to breakdown the strongholds. We cried out to God for more of Him in this land. After an hour of praying, we gathered our groups and head out to face the darkness once more.

Our team leader was Kim. As we walked to the beach of Pattaya to do our outreach, Kim found a penny on the group. As she picked it up and held it to the sky, she declared, "You are the cent one." We are the sent ones. She reminded us that as children of Christ, we are righteous, which means we bring blessings to every land we set foot on, every employer we work for, every household we enter, every friend we make.

Serving God is not difficult. Disobedience is harder to do. God wants to bring fulfillment to our lives along with our full potentials.
I apologize, but there was so much that happened today. I will list them rather than crafting an essay:

- We prayed for a tourist guide on the beach for his bad back. He told his friends that he felt something and his body felt lighter, then he jumped to prove that his back got healed.
- We met a ladyboy and she asked for us to pray that Jesus would take away the bad karma. She closed her eyes as we prayed for her to know Jesus and that He would bless her. At the end of the prayer, she got goosebumps. We asked her what happened. She said, "I saw Jesus with His arms spread out on the cross and He was right in front of my face. He told me He loves me." Later on that night, Kim saw the ladyboy at the bar and she made Kim pray for everyone at the bar. Kim said, "It is great when they start the rival for you." On a side note, my roommate asked the ladyboy earlier if she had any children. The ladyboy turned to Janette and said (in English), "I am not a woman." I thought that was so funny.
- Ryan, Chuck's younger brother, prophesied over a fortune-teller. She had tears in her eyes.
- An ice-cream seller had an ear ache. I got the privileged to pray for her and the pain instantly went away.
- We saw a demon possessed woman take a bath in the water fountain. We said hi to her, but she gave us a scary face and walked down the beach and started cutting her hands. We couldn't help her, though that would have been cool to cast out demons.

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